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Organ and tumor quantification
powered by artificial intelligence

SliceVault combines artificial intelligences (AI) and segmentation tools to deliver instant organ and tumor quantification

In clinical trials, quantitative measurements are the cornerstone to confirm drug efficacy. Quantitative analysis of medical images is however, often conducted manually and therefore subjective, time-consuming, and expensive. There is an need for objective and effective quantification of findings in medical images.

SliceVault combines artificial intelligences (AI) and segmentation tools to create segmentations and deliver quantitative measurements faster than ever before. Quantitative measurements of organ uptake in PET or SPECT at different imaging times can for example be provided within minutes.


SliceVault makes the segmentation process simple and intuitive

The complete quantification process can be provided in SliceVault instead of transferring images to a different workstations. 
SliceVault AI automatically segments selected organs and lesions. This automated segmentation can be checked and edited manually by trained professionals to form the basis for your quantification needs.

Step 1: Bones and soft tissue organs as well as lesions with higher-than-normal PET or SPECT activity are automatically segmented by SliceVault AI.

Step 2: Segmentations can be displayed and edited using the simple and intuitive segmentation tools.

Step 3: Quantification results can be downloaded.

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