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On a mission to streamline medical imaging in clinical trials

 We believe simplicity is the key to superior data quality, increased reader accuracy and better overall trial outcome.


Streamlined image management in clinical trials holds the key to unlocking breakthrough insights, advancing research outcomes, and ultimately improving patient care.

- Lars Edenbrandt, MD, Prof., Chief Medical Officer, SliceVault


Ongoing trials

Our platform is utilized across numerous trials, serving as a reliable and efficient solution for streamlined image management.


Investigator sites

SliceVault seamlessly powers image submission and collaboration across hundreds of investigator sites, driving efficiency in clinical trials.



With a flexible and scalable infrastructure spanning across all continents, SliceVault provides global accessibility, ensuring seamless image management 

Image by Khanh Lam

Meet Our Experienced Management Team


Morten Hallager

Chief Executive Officer

Morten spearheads our company's mission to streamline image management for pioneering biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Get to know Morten


Lars Edenbrandt

Chief Medical Officer

Lars brings over 25 years of experience in the realm of AI-based image analysis and extensive expertise in medical device development.

Get to know Lars


Tony Gillberg

Chief Technology Officer

Tony plays a pivotal role in setting our technology strategy and driving the scaling and enhancement of the SliceVault platform.

Get to know Tony

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