SliceVault adapts to your protocol to improve the success of your clinical trials. 

Tired of working with rigid systems that does not fit well into your overall workflow? SliceVault is a highly versatile image management system that can be fully customized to your clinical trial to give you more accurate results, faster.


Drag and drop images to SliceVault

The process starts at each investigator site, with images being imported to SliceVault. 

Each site has access to only their images, and can easily submit, track and manage imported images.


The intuitive investigator portal reduces the burden on sites, reduces the amount of site queries and improves satisfaction.


Improve data quality with automated quality assurance

All images go through an automated quality assurance procedure, where images are scanned for protocol correctness and conformity (e.g., modality MRI, correct frame of reference, UIDs, etc.). 

By ensuring only the correct scans will be accepted, we improve the overall submission quality and reduce the time and resources needed for site querying.


Eliminate variability, mitigate human errors, and secure audit trail information

Following best practice, we use a standards-based approach to data de-identification. The process is fully automated and happens locally on the investigators’ device to ensure no data with Personal Health Information leaves their closed network.


As part of the process, all images are de-identified as per the DICOM Standard, before they are transfer via encrypted communication to SliceVault's secure servers.


Real time access to all imaging data

Images are uploaded to SliceVault data centers using secure communication. The upload is fully automated, and once images arrive at our data centers, we will make sure everything is ready for you within seconds. 

Our data centers are hosted by Microsoft Azure, and together we make sure your data is available in real time, and complies with the strictest security and compliance regulations.


Manual quality controls checks

Modules for manual quality control (QC) can be added to any trial. Trained professionals go through each submitted image to make sure they comply with the protocol and are suitable for analysis before being sent to central read.

As part of this quality control check the responsible person must fill out a QC checklist before being able to complete the review. The QC checklist consists of a number of trial specific and fully customizable quality related questions.

To streamline communication and for faster turnaround times, queries can be issued, tracked and resolved within the same system.

SliceVault enables the sponsor to perform manual quality control review with ease. If you prefer our team of trained technologists are ready to assist and perform the review to ensure accuracy and fast turnaround times.


Use the embedded read system or export data for central read

All images, checklists and logs are accessible to the sponsor. Images can be sent to central read using the embedded read system, or easily exported for central read using other software solutions.

See how an international biotech company use SliceVault to streamline their data collection, quality assurance, and central read procedures in a large decentralized phase III trial.

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