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The easy and compliant way to collect medical images in clinical trials

Easy upload with automated image de-identification

The intuitive cloud portal makes it easy to upload CFR Part 11 compliant medical images. SliceVault automatically redacts sensitive patient identifiers to help you comply with privacy regulations and EU GDPR.

100% cloud based - no download or installation required

CFR 21 Part 11 and EU GDPR compliant

Easy workflows to reduce burden on sites

Automated quality checks for superior data quality


Comply with CFR Part 11, EU GDPR and other national privacy laws

With role-based access, built-in safeguards, audit logging and automated controls, SliceVault guarantees the highest level of security and compliance every step of the way.

Automated image de-identification

Built-in data checks and safeguards to ensure compliance

Secure audit log keeps track of all data changes

Improve your data quality with AI-powered quality control checks

SliceVault automatically scans incoming images for a wide array of common errors and checks that submitted images meet your trial requirements.

Images meet your requirement for field of view

Images meet your requirements for contrast media

Check that images are uploaded to correct subject

Check that new images are not previously uploaded


Organ and tumor quantification
powered by artificial intelligence

Quantitative measurements are the cornerstone to confirm drug efficacy. SliceVault combines artificial intelligences (AI) and smart segmentation tools to create segmentations and deliver quantitative measurements faster than ever before. 

Long-term storage of all your medical imaging data

Store all your medical images in one place and be inspection ready with secure, cloud storage that allows you to search, view and share data for up to 25 years.


Get started

Looking for a better way to collect and store medical images in your clinical trials? Contact us now to learn how SliceVault can help you. 

Key features

Create custom workflows per visit

Automatic de-identification

Automatic pre-submission scanning

Create custom QC checklists for structured manual review

Automatic QC check for common imaging errors. Learn more

Study reporting in the embedded reporting environment

Add custom forms (e.g. CRF, DTF)

Open, resolve and close queries

Track and manage data

Long term storage

Audit trail

and much more...

Automatic organ and tumor quantification. Learn more

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