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Streamlined RECIST 1.1 reporting for better trial outcomes

Get better results and enhanced efficiency with our embedded RECIST 1.1 module

SliceVault streamlines the complex processes of lesion measurement, tracking, and response categorization, ensuring precise and consistent assessments across all trial visits. With SliceVault, navigating the complexities of RECIST 1.1 reporting is simplified, enabling more efficient, timely, and precise outcomes.

Precision in lesion tracking: Easy tracking and consistent comparison of lesions over time for accurate progression analysis.

Streamlined data handling: Simplify the transfer and management of images, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing errors.

Enhanced reporting efficiency: Generate comprehensive, compliant reports quickly, reducing turnaround times and facilitating faster decision-making.


Effortless RECIST 1.1 reporting at your fingertips

SliceVault's RECIST 1.1 module makes it easy to annotate lesions and transfer measurements directly into the reporting forms, significantly reducing manual data entry and increasing the reliability of your data.

Embedded annotation tools: Easily annotate lesions using tools designed specifically for RECIST 1.1 requirements.

Automatic data transfer: Measurements are seamlessly transferred directly to reporting forms, enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.

Effortless comparisons: Conveniently compare current images with annotations from previous visits for consistent tracking and analysis.


From images to reports in one click

Transform your clinical trial's imaging data into detailed, RECIST 1.1 compliant PDF reports with just a single click.


Our automated process extracts data directly from annotated images into customizable report templates, ready for electronic signature and distribution in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


This streamlined approach not only simplifies the reporting process but also ensures your reports adhere to the strictest regulatory compliance requirements, making them robust and reliable for clinical trial documentation.

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