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SliceVault Express


The de-identification process is the process by which SliceVault de-identify medical images locally before data is transferred via secure communication to SliceVault servers. The de-identification process ensures all images are free from Personal Health Information (PHI) before being committed to the online trial repository.
Last updated: 9 February 2023
The science behind the SliceVault platform is published in the following papers:

Fingerprint: An AI-based method for detection of mislabeled CT studies in clinical trials
Edenbrandt L et al., J Radiol Clin Imaging 2023;7:12-15.
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AI-Based Image Quality Assessment in CT
Edenbrandt L et al., Arch Clin Biomed Res 2022;6:869-872.

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Organ Finder – A New AI-based Organ Segmentation Tool for CT
Edenbrandt L et al., J Radiol Clin Imaging 2022;5:65-70.

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