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Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: The Power of Automatic Segmentation and AI in Image Quantification

In clinical trials, medical images play a critical role in assessing the effectiveness of new treatments and interventions. Image quantification, the process of measuring the amount of certain features or changes in medical images, is a vital component of clinical trial analysis. However, image quantification can be challenging due to the complexity of medical images and the variability of human interpretation.

SliceVault newest feature combines artificial intelligences (AI) and intelligent segmentation tools to deliver instant organ and tumor quantifications in CT, SPECT and PET/CT images.

Manual image quantification

Manual segmentations, the process of identifying and outlining regions of interest in medical images by human experts, are traditionally used for image quantification in clinical trials. However, manual segmentations can be time-consuming, subjective, and prone to inter-observer variability. In addition, the accuracy and reproducibility of manual segmentations depend heavily on the experience and skill of the human experts performing the task.

AI-powered image quantification

To address these challenges, we have developed SliceVault AI - a fully automatic segmentation method. SliceVault AI use computer algorithms to segment medical images and identify regions of interest automatically. Automatic segmentation methods can be faster, more objective, and less prone to inter-observer variability than manual segmentations. Moreover, these methods can provide more accurate and reproducible results.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to improve image quantification in clinical trials. The SliceVault AI algorithms have been be trained on large datasets of medical images to learn how to segment images automatically. SliceVault AI can then be applied to new images to provide accurate and reliable segmentation results.

Quantitative measurements of organ uptake in PET or SPECT at different imaging times can for example be provided within minutes.

SliceVault makes the segmentation process simple and intuitive

The complete quantification process can be provided in SliceVault instead of transferring images to a different workstations.

SliceVault AI automatically segments selected organs and lesions. This automated segmentation can be checked and edited manually by trained professionals to form the basis for your quantification needs.

Step 1: Bones and soft tissue organs as well as lesions with higher-than-normal PET or SPECT activity are automatically segmented by SliceVault AI.

Step 2: Segmentations can be displayed and edited using intelligent segmentation tools.

Step 3: Quantification results can be downloaded.


Image quantification is an essential component of clinical trial analysis. Manual segmentations can be time-consuming, subjective, and prone to inter-observer variability. SliceVault AI is a promising solution to these challenges, providing faster, more objective, and more accurate results. The application of AI in image quantification has the potential to revolutionize clinical trials and improve patient outcomes.

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