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Streamline image management in international phase III trial

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​With more than 40 compounds in development, this client was looking for a flexible solution to streamline image management in several imaging-based clinical trials. The client was engaged in many imaging-based clinical trials, ranging from small pre-clinical to large decentralized phase III trials, where thousands of medical images were collected and analyzed.

The client was now looking for a highly versatile solution to streamline image management across trials from image upload to image export. The ideal solution should enable swift data collection (upload), patient de-identification, automated quality control (QC), manual QC, querying, image viewing, facilitation of central reading, role-based access to data and functionality, support different user-roles such as investigators, monitors, QC managers, project managers, trial coordinators, etc. 

For a phase III efficacy trial, we helped this client to transfer, quality assure, and facilitate central reading of thousands of MRIs in a large decentralized phase III trial.

The client was looking for a solution, that could simplify the transfer of medical images, and make it easier for the investigator sites to de-identify, view and transfer the PET-CT scans to sponsor.

Key requirements
21 CFR Part 11‑compliant
Developed according to GAMP 5
Validated system
Secure and cloud-based
Data sharing by many users

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