The easy and compliant way to collect medical images in clinical trials

The SliceVault platform makes it easy to transfer, store and share CFR Part 11 compliant medical images in the cloud. 

Trusted by pioneering biotech companies and imaging experts worldwide

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See how an international biotech company use SliceVault to streamline their image collection, quality control and central read procedures.

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Improve your data quality with AI-powered image analysis

SliceVault automatically scans incoming images for a wide array of common errors and checks that submitted images meet your trial requirements.

Images meet your requirement for field of view

Images meet your requirements for contrast media

Check that images are uploaded to correct subject

Check that new images are not previously uploaded

One cloud platform with everything you need for successful imaging-based clinical trials

100% cloud based - no download or installation required

Adhere to privacy rules with automated de-identification 

Stay in compliance with built in checks and audit logging

Role based access and secure long term image storage

FDA compliance