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SliceVault streamlines medical image management in your clinical trials to give you more accurate results, faster.

SliceVault is an all-inclusive cloud solution designed specifically for imaging-based clinical trials

SliceVault comply with FDA 21 CRF Part 11
SliceVault is HIPAA compliant
Secure your data with SliceVault
SliceVault comply with GDPR

SliceVault brings together everything you need to transfer, manage and read medical images in your imaging-based clinical trials in one streamlined cloud solution.

We support biotech companies and CROs by streamlining image management and analysis in their imaging-based clinical trials.

Get more accurate results, faster

Improve cost-effectiveness

Enhance data quality and traceability

Improve return on investment

SliceVault fits any trial protocol to improve the success of your clinical research

Looking for a better way to collect images from a few centers in a small phase I trial?


Do you wish there was a streamlined and more efficient solution to transfer, manage and analyse larger volumes of imaging data in multi-centered phase II or III trials?


We have the platform and knowledge to streamline data management in your imaging-based clinical trials to give you more accurate results, faster.



Sites submit images through a secure cloud portal. Personal health information is removed in the process, and an initial quality check is performed automatically.

Quality assurance in clinical trials

SliceVault tracks all enrolled patients and imaging data throughout the process. Queries can be issued, tracked and resolved within the system.

Central reading in clinical trials
Cloud Based Image Management


Optional QC module where qualified image readers can perform manual quality checks to assure data quality and protocol compliance.

Track and manage images in clinical trials


Optional read module where each image is independently reviewed and analysed by board-certified radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists.

Central Reading in Clinical Trials

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Ready to see how SliveVault can help streamline image management in your clinical trials?

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Brain Scans

We streamline your imaging-based clinical trials to give you more accurate results, faster.


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We collaborate with pioneering biotech companies and CROs to help bring innovate compounds to market

SliceVault is trusted by pioneering biotech companies. Get inspiration from some of our client stories to see how our clients leverage SliceVault to streamline data management in their imaging-based clinical trials.

Decentralized clinical trials

Learn how we help a Scandinavian biotech company develop oncolytic immunotherapies by transferring PET-CT scans in a phase I trial.

See how an international biotech company use SliceVault to streamline their data collection, quality assurance, and central read procedures in a large decentralized phase III trial.