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SliceVault Express

Simple, straightforward pricing

In clinical trials with unpredictable durations and where patients often complete studies at different stages, it is nearly impossible to predict the actual number of images collected at study completion.

With SliceVault you will never pay for more than you need. On top of a flat monthly service delivery fee, we charge a flat free for each visit uploaded to SliceVault and a flat monthly support fee per site.
As a welcome bonus all new clients get 30% discount on the first trial
Service delivery fee
Flat monthly fee for the duration of the trial.
EUR per month
Visit processing fee
Flat fee per visit actually uploaded to SliceVault.
EUR per visit
Support fee
Flat monthly fee per investigator site
EUR per site
Setup fee
One off fee for system configuration
All prices excluding VAT.
Service delivery fees, visit processing fees and support fees are billed every quarter.
Setup fee is billed at project startup.
No hidden fees, no extra charges.
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