SliceVault has everything you need to run successful imaging-based clinical trials

Cloud based system for image management in clinical trials

Manage your imaging-based clinical trials faster, cheaper and with lower risk. We streamline your data management workflow to make it easier for you to transfer, manage, and read medical images in your decentralized clinical trials.

Real-time access to your clinical imaging data providing 100% visibility at all times.

Intuitive web portal reduces the burden on sites, reduces the amount of site queries and improves satisfaction. No download or installation required.

Protect your data with our secure and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant imaging platform.

Automated quality checks and modules for manual quality control, querying and central read provide superior data quality and more accurate results.

Improve data quality in your decentralized clinical trials

SliceVault is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of every user, and makes it easy to capture and collect exactly the data you need for your trial.

Improve data quality
Collect any type of medical image, e.g. MR, CT, PET, X-rays and more

Custom dashboards

Role-based dashboards ensures users get access to data and functionality at exactly the right time.

Intuitive workflows

Simple workflows eliminate the burden on sites, reduces the amount of site queries, and improves satisfaction.

Embedded DICOM viewer

DICOM viewer enables users to manually check all types of medical images before and after submission.

Reporting templates

Setup reporting templates for manual QC and central read.

Streamline communication between investigators and QC personnel

SliceVault makes it easy to issue, track and resolve queries, fix image related issues, improve data quality, reduce turnaround times and improve overall study effectiveness.


Interact with users and notify them by email when their input is required.

Query management

Manage all queries within the system while keeping detailed audit log of all interactions.

API and integration

Rest-like API to transfer data seamlessly to your corporate resilience media.

Streamline communication in clinical trials
Image querying

Automated checks ensure all images complies with the trial protocol

All images are automatically de-identified before upload to ensure regulatory compliance, and SliceVault performs an automated series of customizable quality control checks before submission.

Audit trail
Patient anonymization

PHI removal

Images are de-identified before upload to ensure compliance, avoid protocol deviation, and to reduce the amount of site querying.

Optical character recognition

Images are automatically scanned for PHI embedded in the pixels using optical character recognition.

Automated checks

Automated checks ensure your data are protocol compliant before submission.

Audit logging

Events are carefully logged in secure and compliant audit logs, to keep track of all key interactions.

SliceVault comply with the most stringent security and compliance rules

Keep your clinical trial imaging data safe and secure, manage user permissions, and comply with even the most stringent data privacy rules with built-in safeguards, controls and workflows.

SliceVault comply with GDPR
FDA 21 CRF Part 11
Secure your data with ISO 27001 compliant data centers
SliceVault is HIPAA compliant